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You are a monster, but I will answer your questions. Tagging others is a little too chain-mail for me though. I’m only sometimes still a preteen.

1. An evil wizard appears and says you have to spend the rest of your life as an animal of your choice - what do you pick?

An evil wizard wouldn’t give me a choice, but alright - Polar Bear

2. Favorite cartoon on TV growing up?

This one is actually difficult, I watched a lot of TV growing up. The ones that stick out were Duck Tales, Darkwing Duck, Dinosaurs, Batman:TAS and Reboot. I could not pick just one.

3. Favorite third party mobile app? (Chrome doesn’t count cheaters)

The only mobile device I have is a nexus tablet, and because I have become a stereotype, my favorite app is called Shopping Cart. I don’t think I have to explain what it’s for.

4. Favorite N64 game?

Perfect Dark - to be fair, it’s the only one I’ve really played as I didn’t own my own and it’s the only game my friend let me have when I borrowed his. Great game though.

5. Weirdest item on your desk?

I don’t have a desk! I have a tiny terrible table thing. Weirdest thing is maybe the hand grips.

6. If you could only be 2 of the following, which two would you pick? Kind, wealthy, attractive, intelligent, talented

Intelligent and Wealthy - the rest could be learned or paid for, theoretically.

7. You are given a baby piglet to keep forever. What do you name it?


8. Most indispensable program to you for gamedev?

My hand-writing is atrocious, but I like to take a lot of notes and at this point I probably couldn’t manage without taking them. So, Notepad.

9. Do you like brown paper packages all tied up with string?

I do! I couldn’t tell you why though.

10. Beach, mountains, or forest?

All three in close proximity.

11. Do you make a wish when it’s 11;11?