sevivys asked:

Tell me about your characters! Who are they, what are they trying to do, all that good stuff!

I am going to assume you mean characters from Sugar and Spice? =P

Sugar is the Princess of the Candy Kingdom, who finds herself far from home and trapped in the dungeons of her sister Spice’s Cocoa Castle. She’s trying to get out and back home to her own kingdom.

Spice is Princess of Cookie Kingdom. Not satisfied with one kingdom to rule, she is trying to take over Candy Kingdom as well.

Those are the main two, anyhow. Other than those, I’ve only mentioned two of Spice’s foot soldiers and a Boss of indeterminate allegiance. Info on her might ruin some things.

There are a handful of other characters, not too important overall, and two who are very important but would absolutely ruin the story if I said anything about them at all.

But ask away if you don’t mind having things spoiled. I can’t say when it’ll all be done anyway, so who knows you might forget. =)



—Always make your engine first, perfect all your features before you actually start making the rest of the game, this way you won’t have dead ends.

—Don’t make your controls too complicated. Test your control schemes with other people and see how much you can streamline everything. Just don’t go…

Mmf, that first one. =/

I’m still working on the other points, so I’ll keep those in mind!

The one about story is interesting. I apparently do those together. I’ll have a theme in mind, or a gameplay mechanic, and the story kind of comes together on it’s own. Which may be why many of my ideas can be summed up in a sentence or less.

I will end up writing way too many notes on story and possible gameplay elements without really considering if they’re feasible…because I am dumb. Then when trying to implement them I go through the, “Oh no, I don’t even know how to do that” issue and typically give up…putting it on my ever-growing hold list.

This was very useful! Thank you for writing these up. =)

Two hours fiddling with the camera only to realize I don’t like where I’m taking it anyway.

Also realized my setup for transitions only really works for a super small game like Bun Escape, and even then it was a dumb way of doing it.

I’ve learned enough now that I shouldn’t be making these mistakes. ><

I’ll need to rework quite a bit, but oh well. I at least know what lerp is and how to use it now. So, that’s a thing.

I’m fairly certain I know -how- to do the things I’ll need to, I’m just kind of wore out now and not all that interested in digging it tonight.

fruitdev replied to your post: Still pretty wobbly, but it’s basical…

Should be some pretty standard stuff, I know it is in GM. Can’t you just make an offset by comparing the camera coordinates with the screen coordinates/border of the screen (or view?) Or is that not how Construct works?

It seems my options are to use scrollx(left/right) and scrolly(top/bottom) to find the edges of the visible screen. All of my fiddling amounted to even stranger movements.

I may have just been looking at it all wrong though. I’ll work on it more tonight.


Still pretty wobbly, but it’s basically the same camera just event coded from scratch instead of using a plugin.

If anyone knows how to make the camera stay in the center of the screen in Construct classic, please let me know. I can’t get the stupid thing to do it. Right now it’s tied to scrollx and scrolly, which is kind of working? But I think I need margins on the sides of the visible screen so it wont move unless it hits those. Or something. I don’t know.

Going to nap now.




I was going to see how well I can draw on my tablet now…

But my pen is dead. The tablet is still good, it’s just the pen.


I need about $30-$40 for a new pen


I guess I’m launching Pixel Art commissions…

Since, that’s… all I can really do right now…


Teeny-Tiny Things
16x16 — $0.50 each
32x32 — $1.00 each

(haha… Minecraft)

Teeny-Tiny Character
$2.50 each


Teeny-Tiny Animation
Varies; $10.00+
Or small 50x50 (+/-) portrait — $5.00


Large Portrait
100x100+ —- $10.00+
200x200+ —- $20.00+
300x300+ —- $30.00+
(pretty much, $1 per 10x10)

This below is 288x573


Only rule is no NSFW.
Email me about your commission at knickinator (at)

Stretch Goal: $120.00+: I’ll get a new tablet altogether

Cute pixels for monies. Wish I had monies to give you for cute pixels.

Here is a boost though!